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succulent team building workshop

Team Building Workshops

Succulent workshops are a unique way to build your team. We offer a variety of projects to choose from and work closely with you to make sure your vision for your team building event comes to life.  sheysheydesign will provide all materials, set up and clean up. All you need is a conference room and smiles. We offer succulent workshops in OC, San Diego and greater Los Angeles area.

Benefits of team building and working with live succulents are:

  • Improve Productivity and Creativity

  • Reduce Stress

  • Produce Clean Air

  • Create a Better Working Environment

We pride ourselves in approaching each workshop by creating a relax atmosphere where even people who have never worked with plants can feel comfortable and at ease. There is plenty of hands on guidance, laughter balanced with plant education.

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Workshop Options 

succulent heart wreath

Succulent Heart Wreath

holiday christmas wreath
succulent planters
succulent driftwood

Succulent Grapevine Wreath

Indoor/Outdoor Planters


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